How to gain access to all features

Thank you for purchasing Nibiru Trading Indicators!

By purchasing the Nibiru Trading Indicators you have gained access to:

  • Lifetime access to the full set of Nibiru Trading Indicators
  • Training course on how to take full advantage of the Nibiru Trading Indicators
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive content inside Nibiru Trading Zone (a Discord channel for committed traders to expand their knowledge)
  • Exclusive discounts for coming content, including individual trading psychology mentoring, new tools, and new strategy guides 

*Please ensure you read below in order to gain access to all features:*

To gain access to all Nibiru Trading Indicators and the Nibiru Trading Zone Discord channel, please send me an email (you can reply to this email) with your TradingView* and Discord** usernames. In response you will get confirmation of being given access to the Nibiru Trading Indicators on TradingView and also individual invitation link to Nibiru Trading Zone discord. After being given access to the Nibiru Trading Indicators, you can find them under ‘Invite only scripts’ in the ‘Indicators & Strategies’ section of TradingView interactive charts, or at the links listed below:

*You can sign up for TradingView at

**You can sign up for Discord at (or through your mobile app store for mobile users)

Note: By default, TradingView has the indicator labels option turned on. For a cleaner looking price scale, disable this option by: 1) right-click the chart background and select 'Settings', 2) under the 'Scales' heading, uncheck the 'Inidicator Last Value Label' option. 3) click 'Ok'