Setting up and using MetaTrader5

Metatrader is one of the most powerful trading terminals. First versions of this software were released on 2002. Metatrader 4 is the most pupular but I like to use 5th generation which has several tweaks and upgrades compared to MT4. Besides being just a trading terminal Metatrader provides it's own coding language (mql) and also the ability to test and optimize strategies in computing cloud. It's powerful tool and way superior to crypto bucket shops with web UI. Don't let it Windows 3.1 design fool you. Instead of blinking buttons and other childish fireworks it provides good charting capabilities, fast execution and easy trade management. Also instead of API it connects with exchange servers directly and provides more security than using website based engine.

Using professional trading software is one of the habits which are essential to enter a road of becoming successful and consistent trader. Executing and managing trades fast and easy from one command center saves time, effort and helps you focus on most important thing - following your edge. Also trading using installed terminal instead of browser-based UI is way more reliable and safer.

I highly suggest downloading and using a platform from this site instead of one provided by your broker (i.e. Evolve Markets). Software provided by some brokers may contain tracking tools inside which will help them execute dirty tricks. Better to be safe than sorry.

You can download Metatrader for PC, Linux and iOS here:

Attached file is a template for charts I'm personally using.