Program goals

I wondered for quite some time how to put all the knowledge which makes my students consistent traders into less interactive form. I found that best flow I have by interacting with real people and their issues. That's why this program is made from planned videos on some of the issues but most of them consists of recorded live mentoring session. In addition it gives the program more open-ended structure where more and more content comes with the progress of my students but also with new groups joining in. In each section you will find probably more then one video from different sessions with students. I hope this kind of structure will give you a lot of benefits which you would have by joining the live mentoring group. Trade safe and enjoy the journey to becoming a profitable trader!

Program goals:

·      Eradicating psychological issues like fomo, revenge trading, god syndrome, trading the feelings, etc.

·      Reducing the need of trading and being in the market all the time

·      Incorporating good risk management

·      Making trading a job not an addiction

·      Refining solid and personalized trading edge

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